About ACSD

The objects for which ACSD is established are:-

  1. To be a non-profit association for learned society and professional activities for the enhancement of engineering and management practices with the mission of making contributions toward sustainable development activities in Hong Kong, Mainland China and surrounding areas.

  2. To promote ACSD membership to eligible engineers, technologists and managers.

  3. To co-operate with engineering, technical & management schools to provide a link between education, business and industry for members, related professionals and students.

  4. To encourage members to participate in relevant local, Mainland and international activities.

  5. To identify, encourage and train members, related professionals and students to assume due roles to provide for continuity and ACSD’s long term growth.

  6. To meet the technical needs of the ACSD members, related professionals and students and endeavor for sustained excellence in the engineering and management profession, ACSD would promote the advancement of engineering and management know how to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas by the arrangement of continuous professional development activities including technical meetings, seminars, workshops, training courses, lecturers, technical visits etc.

  7. To furnish activities of ACSD related to engineering, technical & management fields.

  8. To furnish a range of services to members, related professionals and students to try to well equip their careers & to play significant role to be contributive to the society.