Message from the Chairman

It is of great pleasure to share the key issues as below:

To provide better services to the members and be more convenient to reserve venues and facilities for professional networking purposes, membership of HK Cricket Club was maintained.

For sustainability of the Centre, the other issues were as follows: 

  • Economic/Financial Aspect: The Centre was operated with a little bit surplus. Through the industriousness of our members, more positive outcome could be very likely. 
  • Environmental Aspect: Substantially, our members had endeavored to share their related know-how to nurture the young and potential professionals for sustainability such as arranging seminars & webinars at the City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Metropolitan University and Conference Rooms of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) Headquarters. 
  • Social Aspect: The directors had concerns of widening the horizons of young members/engineers and nurturing them as professionals to serve the Centre, profession and community at large. As a result, the delegations for the professional bodies in the UK and Mainland had been planned; however, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the delegations were postponed. To maintain liaison with the relevant organizations, Ir Prof Louis LOCK had been invited to attend the online meetings of Institution of Plant Engineers (IPlantE), Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) and The Institute of Measurement & Control, UK (InstMC).  In addition, Ir Prof LOCK was invited by the HKIE to be the facilitator  of the afternoon session of 2021 Shanghai and Hong Kong Symposium   on Science and Technology at Hong Kong Productivity Council on 21st October 2022.  He was invited by the Guangdong Province Association of Science and Technology (GDAST) to be the Chairman of Afternoon Session of 2021 Greater Bay Area Engineers Forum at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 5th December 2021. Besides, Ir Prof LOCK was invited by Shenzhen Automation Association to deliver an address in the Development of Robotics Forum via online on 8th December 2021. Furthermore, he was invited by GDAST to join the online Forum for Engineer Professionals in Hong Kong and Macau on 15th January 2022.

To provide more networking activities to the members, the Centre was the supporting organizations or even the joint organizers of the events organized by many relevant institutions such as CA Paper Competitions organized by The HKIE CA Division, webinars organized by The Institute of Measurement and Control Hong Kong (InstMC HK) and University of South Australia Alumni Association Hong Kong – Doctoral Society etc.

Workshops for sharing techniques to become a professional were held successfully. Not only the operating expenses could be covered significantly, the overall number of members with quality could be increased subsequently, even under the COVID situation.

To cope with the demand, the Greater Bay Area Sustainable Development Centre (GBASDC) was established. At the moment, Dr Lisa SHAM was appointed as the Head of the Centre.

To cope with the demand from Mainland counterparts, The Hong Kong Institution of Measurement and Automation (HKIMA) was established. For the development of HKIMA, an Executive Committee was formed. There would be a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing Ceremony among the Guangdong Institution of Engineers, Measurement Control Technology and Equipment Application Promotion Association of Guangdong Province (GDMCTEAPA) and HKIMA held via online on 29th October 2022. 28 senior engineers with professorship/senior engineers/engineers from Mainland would become HKIMA fellow/senior members/members. 3 HKIMA members would become GDMCTEAPA members, and Ir Prof LOCK would be appointed by Prof Gui Xiong LIU, GDMCTEAPA Chairman as Senior Advisor of GDMCTEAPA. Besides, Ir Prof LOCK had been arranged by Prof LIU to participate in the professional assessment of Measurement, Control and Instrumentation engineers in Guangdong Province.

For proper development of the ACSD, an Executive Committee was kept.

Ir Prof L LOCK
Chairman, The ACSD