Message from the Chairman

By organizing delegations, symposia, seminars and technical visits, ACSD has been endeavoring to furnish the appropriate learned society and professional activities for the members and engineering professions in HK and Mainland China. I am pleased to report that we have 14 delegations, 4 symposiums, 5 visits and 39 technical meetings/seminars/workshops/dinners/award presentation/graduation ceremonies/sport events; nearly, all the said activities were well received. Of course, it is possible only with the unfailing support from the ACSD Committee Members, ACSD Members and Members of other related associations. The delegations to Beijing, Guangdong, Guangxi, Macau, Ningbo, Shenzhen and Zhongshan were achieved with quality; it is worthwhile to mention that we are going to sign MOU with the counterparts in China. We were able to meet our counterparts of various places to maintain our good connections for collaboration of further/sound learned society/professional activities. We are proud to be able to obtain the support of papers/sponsorships/messages/help from UniSA Alumni HK- Doctoral Society, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Control, Automation and Instrumentation Division, Macau Institution of Engineers, Shenzhen Instrument & Control Society, Shenzhen Association of Engineers, Shenzhen/Guangdong/Guangxi Association for Science & Technology, Guangdong Automation Association, China Instrument & Control Society, HK College of Technology, Guangdong U of Technology, Beijing U of Science & Technology, Leeds Metropolitan U, U of Macau, HK Polytechnic U Electrical Engineering Department etc. for the related delegations and related events/ including seminars/technical visits.

It is sincerely hoped that the activities held/planned could be beneficial to our members and contributive to HK and Mainland China in a sustainable manner; and, we are able to update our academic/professional knowhow and maintain due relationships/connections with our counterparts in HK, Macau, the UK and Mainland China.

Dr. L. Lock
Chairman, The ACSD